Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fraternity Dinner 2015, Fourpoint Hotel, Kuching

15th AGM, 15th May 2015, Veteinary HQ Semenggok, Kuching

Dr Henry Ting, our President for 2013-2015 term gets the AGM started. Also present are Dr. Adrian, the Vice President, and Dr. Paul Chelliah, President of VAM.

Dr Andrea Lim and Dr Alice Hong, busy as usual.

The SVA members presented in the AGM.

Dr. Paul Chelliah a/l Suppliah briefs on VAM Conference 2015.

The election of new EXCO get started. Dr. Henry Ting organizes it for the last time.

Dr. Andrea Lim, acting as the election officer.

Dr. Chuo presents his ideas.

The new EXCO for 2015-2017 term.

More photos courtesy of Dr. Chong:

SVA Technical Seminar SaVA2/2015, 16th May 2015, Veterinary HQ Semenggok

In this edition of SVA Technical Seminar, we are fortunate to have three speakers namely Dr. Adrian Susin Ambud, Mr. Daud Imbang and Mr. Henry Banyan who presented topics on MyGAP, or Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices. The participants are told about the important of MyGAP, and both public and private veterinarians can play a role or offer services pertaining to MyGAP.

Getting started. Attendance - not too bad!

Dr. Henry Ting delivers a welcoming speech. On his right is Dr Paul Chelliah, the President of Veterinary Association Malaysia. We are 1 Malaysia!

Dr. Adrian Susin provides an introduction to MyGAP, and touches on topics such as basic requirement, benefit, elements for MyGAP, and shares his experience on MyGAP farms in Sarawak, and the roles of veterinarians as auditor for MyGAP.

SAVO Mr. Daud Imbang presents MyGAP compliance audit and review audit. Among the topics presented are principles of auditing and managing an audit proramme, audit activities. I think the benefits for government vet and AVO can be career advancement, besides you get to travel the world for auditing! Private vet can involve in audit too to provide consultant to the companies, but be prepared to read laws and regulation books, which are in fact rather thick! We would like to thank Mr. Daud for a lively presentation.

Our last presenter SAVO Mr. Henry Banyan presents on Swiflet Premise Registration and Certification and MyGAP Compliance Audit. Veterinarians can get involved in this relatively new animal - swiflet. No need to mention that it is a lucrative business.

The participants are getting involved too. Here we see Dr. Humrawali asking question.

The group photo of the speakers and the participants. See you in our next edition of Technical Seminar.